19 December, 2017

Masai Mara Occurence

Masai Mara look green the herbivore are all spread out but as the crass get taller in some parts of the park antelopes tend to maintain the level in in some areas. The migration from loita plain are still around as the north part of Mara is still dry and  owners have decide to fence making hard for residents migration.

Birds are enjoying allot of insects around, The wet ground make many worms and other insects come out of the soil to get sun and breath. The migrant are not left out white storks are all over the Mara.

Lions are doing very well many of them have cubs some are breeding we hope there will be more lions in the next few months as the north migration will be staying around.

Ridge pride;  This is a famous pride because of their dominant males Blacky & lipstick, They are wondering from the ridge, Topi plain and Olare-orok river they have skilfully female hence make kill almost every night. They are very healthy at moment.

Nguyanai pride; This is another growing pride they have been very busy breeding for the last three months some of their female have cubs along Ntiakitiak river and Olorpabit was seen breeding yesterday with another female. Their territory goes to Olare conservancy.

Paradise pride; This is another happy pride as many times there is zebras and Topis at main crossing, they have been making kill after few days Buffaloes are in big herds in their territory making them gain skills of hunting them.

Rongai pride; in South of Mara Intrepids  are doing good kill almost every night they patrol all way to survey area, Their young ones are growing faster due to availability of food.

Mash pride; They are still apart but we hope they will be back together in their territory as the cows are no longer allowed in the mash as use to be, Their six male are seen patrolling towards the Topi plain and paradise plains.

Since the migration from Tanzania left there have been big herds of Elephant around some having calf and some big male seem to be breeding. They are beautiful creatures to watch especially when wallowing in the mud, Availability of newly growing trees make them happy as compared to dry spell when they struggle to get the required kilos of food.

This are the largest antelopes and used to be very few and shy because they were hunted for their game meet but as they are protected in the park there number is growing up in number they have many calf and no longer shy.

They are in group of small antelopes and now they are in big herds because they feed on the new shoots of the green crass, some are breeding while some have young ones they breed all year round depending on availability of food. There close Cousin Grant are fewer as they breed after two years but they co-exist together.

As the bushes become green it become more hard to get this elusive creatures but because of our professional guides all our client at  Mara intrepids have been following this famous leopards

Bahati -She is famous and she has been showing up at smelly crossing west of intrepids camp and going along the Talek to where Olare orok meet Talek she has been alone and we think that she might be on her way to leave the cubs on their own.

Kaboso female. She has been showing up after two or three days while she go for a hunt, the clubs are still very young and that why she has not brought out from her dent.
Lorian & luluka This are famous two which you would not miss by trying two or three days unless when they kill big antelope in the ticket they always wonder around Rongai river south of Intrepids camp.

They are day time and they are happy due to presence of many small antelopes, they are mostly solitary but many times male get together to form a coalition.

Malaika our famous cheetah with her two sons are still around Mara intrepids camp eastern side along Talek river, She is a very successful hunter and now happy because of many gazelles along Talek river.

Rani (musira female ) she is on western side of Mara intrepids across smelly crossing enjoying after leaving her daughters.

Five male coalitions This cheetahs have now enjoy staying in a short crass area South east Mara intrepids at hammercop area where there are also big antelopes wildebeest, Coke hartebeests and Topis, They are very successful hunters.

   Compiled & written by Silas

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