15 December, 2017

Mara Sights

It’s green everywhere and the herbivores are spread out. The local wildebeest and zebra migration from Loita Plains is in the northern part of Mara where it is still dry.

Many migrants from the north have arrived like the white storks.

Doing very well with many prides with cubs.  

Ridge pride  
With the dominant males Blacky and Lipstick, the pride is around the Topi Plain and Olare-orok River.  All are very healthy.

Nguyanai pride
This is another growing pride. Some females have cubs along Ntiakitiak River. Olorpabit was seen mating recently with another female. The territory extends to Olare Conservancy.

Paradise pride
This is another happy pride successfully hunting zebra and topi including buffalo.

Rongai pride
Doing well. Their young ones are growing fast due to availability of prey.

Marsh pride
We hope they will be back in their territory as the cows are no longer allowed in the marsh area. Their six male are seen patrolling around Topi and Paradise plains.

Big herds of elephants with calves.

She has been seen alone and we think that her grown up cubs will soon leave her.

Kaboso female
Her clubs are still very young and she has not brought them out of the den.

Lorian and Luluka Been seen hunting big antelopes.

Malaika our famous cheetah with her two sons are still around Mara Intrepids Camp hunting successfully.

Rani (Musiara female ) is alone after her daughters recently left.

Five-male coalition is extremely successful as hunters bringing down big prey like wildebeest.

Article written by Silas Siele

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